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8 August 2016
Hello friends of Boxman! It has been a quiet year from us - we know! We have been working on improving our services and innovating our processes to make it so.much.easier to buy from us.

We are proud to announce that we are a NO MOQ box company - one and only in Malaysia!

Starting last year, we have been able to custom made any box at any size and at any quantity. You name your size and quantity and we will do it for you.

If you have a prototype and need just a box - we can do it.
If you are a start up and need just a few boxes first - we can do it.
If you want to do some branding on your box - we can print any quantities.

Now, we can even custom print 1 (read: one) box for you. How cool is that? Why not drop down to our CUSTOM MADE BOX page and send us your enquiries now!

12 July 2015
It has been a roller coaster ride for Malaysia and world economy. BoxmanTM has been more or less affected but we are looking forward to improve our services to our customers both businesses and consumers. 

In a few month's time, we will be bringing to you custom made carton box services - at any size, at any quantity - to you. At the moment, our custom made offers come with a minimum order quantity (MOQ). It's going to be exciting!

1 April 2015
GST is now in full gear. BoxmanTM's GST ID is 000623050752. But we are pleased to announce to all our customers that our carton box prices are GST inclusive so you can be rest assured there are no hidden charges in our prices. 

We regret to announce an increase on our delivery charges to RM25.00, previously RM20.00 (2010-2015). This price adjustment is due to five years of no increase in transportation on our end and also GST implementation. We hope our customers can continue buying with us. However, we still maintain FREE DELIVERY for our carton boxes for purchase above RM250.00 (no change since 2010). 

Do continue to buy our carton boxes, our service is still awesome!

23 March 2015
Our customers also gave raving reviews for BoxmanTM on Google+. We would appreciate if you could leave us a review after purchasing our carton boxes in our online store. 

You can leave a rating/review here: BoxmanTM Google+ Page: Carton Box Online Store

20 March 2015

What our customers says about BoxmanTM

Christine from Romantic Love ordered some custom made boxes from BoxmanTM and was happy with our service. We can also customise your boxes with the right quantity at affordable price.

Sya ordered some of our retail general packaging boxes and we deliver them by the next day. Most of our outstation delivery of carton boxes are managed now by Skynet and sometimes reliable third party transporters.

BoxmanTM - Delivering Convenience
We pride ourselves in delivering the best service there is in carton box industry. Our retail carton boxes, namely general packaging, mailer boxes, and storage boxes, are delivered on the next working day! That means if you order today, you will get it tomorrow. How cool is that? 

Outstation (outside Klang Valley) gets their boxes in two days. That is still pretty cool! 

We live by our tagline for almost 5 years now, with daily deliveries (except weekends and holidays) delivering real convenience to our customers. We deliver right up to your doorstep, all for a small token of RM20 (2010-2015 rate). If you purchase our carton boxes above RM250, we would deliver it for free to you.

16 March 2015

BoxmanTM In Media
Carton boxes are hard to find in Malaysia, particularly in small quantities. SME businesses have a major footing in this South East Asian region however unfortunately most carton box manufacturers do not supply to this market segment. In 2010, two enterprising brothers recognized the need and embarked to on a journey to fill the gap in this market segment. BoxmanTM was founded and this is the start of retail carton box sales. By tapping on the Internet boom, carton boxes in BoxmanTM were sold online and were aimed at home and commercial users, offices, micro and home businesses.
BoxmanTM is the first carton box company with the ability to produce carton boxes at small quantity demands. We are still the only company to sell even a single piece of carton box in the market. Custom made boxes can be done upon request that delights consumers who at times require boxes of specific sizing.
Specialised in carton boxes, BoxmanTM is also able to cater to cardboard boxes, boxboard and also gift boxes. 

BoxmanTM has been featured in a number of local and international news media and also business magazines. Among them are The Star, China Press, CNET and SMECorp.

In 2013, Google also featured BoxmanTM, The Online Carton Box Shop, in their Kuala Lumpur and Asia Pacific conferences.

Alvin, BoxmanTM co-founder speaking at Think with Google conference, Kuala Lumpur 2013.

Questions and Answers session with Malaysia Airlines, McKinsey and Co, BoxmanTM together with Google executives - Think with Google Malaysia 2013

BoxmanTM founders at Google Asia Pacific, Helping Small Business Think Big

Helping Small Business Think Big @ Google Asia Pacific 2013

Regional Press Conference in Google Asia Pacific, 2013. BoxmanTM attended as a Malaysian case study.
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